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Life & Work with Robin Spinelli

Today we’d like to introduce you to Robin Spinelli.

Hi Robin, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
As a nurse and Napa Valley native, I was inspired to write “Gracie the Purple Chicken” based on the true story of my beloved hen Gracie, and YES, she really turned purple! 

Grace is the spontaneous unmerited gift of divine favour to restore someone. Purple represents royalty and in a historical context, purple was very expensive and difficult to make and manufacture. As such, royalty was often seen wearing purple. When Gracie’s feathers “accidentally” turned purple, God began speaking to me about my identity and He used a purple chicken to show me who and Who’s I am. 

In the story, Gracie was a wee chick at the feed store when adopted by the Farmer and Champ the Dog. Being an orphan, Gracie often felt insignificant and was often pushed around by the other hens. Gracie was self-conscious of her ordinary feathers and lack of skills. One day, Miss Bossy Pants and the other hens surrounded Gracie and began pecking her with mean words. Champ the Dog intervened. That night, Gracie has a dream and receives a crown and purple mantle. When she awakes, Gracie feels different, Gracie flaps her purple feathers and flies to the top of the hen house where she sees vineyards, sunflowers and amazing things. Gracie smiles and waves at Miss Bossy Pants and to Gracie’s surprise, Miss Bossy Pants waves back! Gracie the Purple Chicken and Champ start a friendship club called “Champions” to end bullying and promote friendship. 

In the natural, I went to the feed store to buy medicine to treat Gracie’s wounds… While there, a farmer recommended a spray and told me, “it will protect her from the other hens.” I used it and as it dried, Gracie’s feathers were dyed bright purple! As Gracie healed, we noticed she was bold and had joy. She started doing new things like singing from a perch in the tree. The other hens wanted what Gracie had (Joy!) and our dog Champ, was always at her side. 

Gracie the Purple Chicken Adopted and Loved, the second book in the beloved Gracie the Purple Chicken series enlivens readers to the garden in the gilded time of day where Gracie sits with her head in the clouds. There, Gracie encounters Faith, an Angel and a puppy named Mercy who lead her to Jesus where she experiences the gift of forgiveness and the Father’s Love. Gracie is taken back in time to see Momma hen surrounded by light, picking

flowers for a flower crown for Gracie, her sheer delight. Gracie realises how brave Momma hen was to let me go so she could have a better life. Gracie learns that through Jesus, she is adopted and loved. 

In the natural, my mother left me with relatives at age 3 and for many years, I felt the pain of being motherless, like Gracie. During a near-death experience in 2012, I encountered Jesus experientially and saw the power of prayer through miraculous healing in my body and soul. This gift changed my destiny. I am called to write children’s stories (for adults) to reveal God’s love so many will come to know that through Jesus, they are adopted and loved. 

In 2019, my husband and I moved to the Austin area with two dogs and a purple chicken to be near our grandchildren. Thank you for sharing Gracie’s story and if you feel inspired, please write a review on to share how Gracie the Purple Chicken impacted you. I hope you will enjoy the newest book, Gracie the Purple Chicken Adopted and Loved. 

Warmest regards, 

Robin Spinelli 

Amazon reviews: 

“What a wonderful story of finding one’s identity when you are noticeably an “odd bird”. This is a Refreshing and freeing story that I’ll be reading to my nieces and grandbabies for years to come. It just so happened to arrive on a day I was wearing purple. ” 

“Out of curiosity and recommendation by an acquaintance, I went ahead and ordered. So glad I did! Now our granddaughters have a wonderful story about being special when others don’t treat you that way.” 

“We love Gracie the purple chicken book; it has such a great message. Robin personalized the two books we ordered for our son and the other for our nieces. Having had our son bullied the last year, this book really hit home. We are so blessed by this book Robin thank you so very much for sharing Gracie with all of us. The Hennessey/ Griggs family!!!! ” 

“Very cute story will wonderful illustrations! Great lesson taught about bullying with a positive outcome!”

“Gracie the Purple Chicken is such a special book! It’s a must for the family book collection! :)” 


Napa Valley Register, “A Tale of a Purple Chicken” at Jessel Gallery Napa Valley. 

@GraciethePurpleChicken on Facebook and Instagram. 



We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
There will always be obstacles to accomplishing our dreams and many times, dreams are delayed for a season. 

What helps me is to write and journal. There I can write out my hopes, dreams, and things I am grateful for. 

My love language is “Words of Affirmations.” What we speak carries substance and can bring life or death. I believe in the power of declarations and I speak them over myself and my family… 

During a trauma in 2012, I experientially learned about the power of prayer, grace and supernatural healing. I was encouraged to write my testimony but I didn’t have the language or know how to get started. God sent people to encourage me to write and then the miracle of Gracie the Purple Chicken came in 2017, birthing the story of “Gracie the Purple Chicken.” December 2018. 

Gracie did far more than most chickens could ever do. She traveled to Texas with two dogs and was a regular at Farmer’s Market. 

As you know, we’re big fans of you and your work. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about what you do?
I write children’s stories (for adults) so many will come to know how much they are loved. As a nurse, I worked with many children and adults who

experienced “dis-ease” from a lack of love. In ’21, I was called to be a high school health science teacher in the greater Austin area. I enjoy working with youth and inspiring them in their unique gifts and calling. 

Do you have any advice for those just starting out?
I would write out your vision and make it plain. If your dream is to write your first book, remember the first draft doesn’t have to be perfect, just written. Give it time. Find a time of day that works best to write and do it. Entrust 1-2 people with your dream; have them check in with you periodically, so you can share your progress. And get feedback. You can self-publish using and register your work with the Library of Congress. The world needs stories that bring hope and encouragement. If you have such a story to release, get busy!


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Image Credits
Special thanks to iartist, Dave Huddleston for illustrating Gracie the Purple Chicken (December 2018) and special thanks to Jessel Miller of Jessel Gallery of Napa Valle for supporting me to write (Jessel Gallery book signing event April 2019).

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