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Meet Steven Harris of Austin – Travis Heights

Today we’d like to introduce you to Steven Harris.

Hi Steven, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start maybe you can share some of your backstory with our readers?
Growing up, I lived with a single mother in a small town in Ohio. My father was absent and I never established a meaningful relationship with him until I was an adult. Both struggled with drug and alcohol addiction that ruined their marriage twice. Yes, they were married twice.

For me, this created instability throughout my life. My mom would move on from one abusive relationship to the next, and I would be dragged along into it as well. Most of my childhood and adolescence was spent trying to survive day to day not being physically attacked or protecting my mom from being hurt as well. Which, most times I failed because I was not able to physically stand up to a grown man.

I started isolating myself more daily into my room, rejoicing going to school and dreading coming home. After many years of crazy incidents and bouncing around from new home to new school, we finally settled into a home when I was 16 where it was just my mom and I. This saved me from the bad relationships she found herself in, but as I grew more able to take care of myself solo, my mother started to drink and drug more so.

One night, she went to pick, up my best friend and unfortunately got into an accident with him while she had been drinking. This put her in the hospital and nursing home for the next year, where I lived on my own and would stay with my current girlfriend whose parents were gracious enough to take me in and help shelter me.

My mom then spent another 6 months in a drug rehab facility and many more months on probation. I thought our lives would change for the better because she now had to be sober from alcohol. But, she was allowed pain meds from the wreck that had destroyed her body. These pain meds led my mom down another dark path of addiction.

My senior year in High School, I was going through tough times in school and we needed money. I dropped out my last 6 months to do online schooling and work at a local pizza shop to establish myself to get away. I received my diploma and saved up enough money to get my own truck. This was one of the more proud accomplishments I had.

I then started attending a local Community college to pursue a degree in social work and was actually paid for going to school. I also held down a job at a local juice factory at the same time to have extra income. Over the next couple years, I graduated with an Associate’s Degree.

During this time, my mom was full fledge into her pain killers and my dad started to reach out a little more. As I got to know him better, we established a relationship and I found myself more distant from my mom. I then started dating a girl and working in at a teenage risk youth center for younger men that had committed crimes. Here is where my life changed for the better, but not with its hiccups.

I had played sports all my life and enjoyed the physical fitness aspect and teamwork. I decided to add in physical fitness to the young men’s lives as an “escape” for them and to teach them a way to have discipline while getting into shape and finding constructive ways to cope with issues. I still maintained my own level of fitness in the gym and would run some workouts I had done in their Rec time. I found this to have positive effects for them, but the job was too mentally and emotionally draining for me.

I started to look up how much personal trainers made or related fields to training people in fitness. I found that you could get started if you passed a nationally accredited personal training certification. My dad gave me money to help pay for this as an. early birthday present for me. I studied every day for 2 weeks and passed. At the same time, the girl I had started dating went to Austin, TX to do computer programming and we both saw this as our chance to make it out of small town Ohio. I had 2k in saved up money and spent $1400 on a U-haul to get our stuff to Austin. I made it to Austin on July 2nd 2014. The very next day I started looking for a job.

My girlfriend’s parents loaned us half of our rent money for the first month and we paid the other half. So, we had to find work and start immediately if we were going to make it. I remember being so scared, yet so determined to not have to go back, to that small town. Within a few weeks, I was hired at a globo gym and spent every hour there I could to pick up clients and get money saved up to pay our bills and start my life.

Over the next year, I established myself and started to perfect my craft. I was finally finding my groove and developing as a trainer, leader, and human. The very next year, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer and died within a month. It was a big hit in my life, because I had finally had my dad. After my father passed, my girlfriend and I split up.

I continued my development and became one of the top trainers in Austin. I helped the globo gym build a successful program inside locations nationwide and was part of their national programming team that impacted up to 52 locations and 3,000 members. I also took on the title of Assistant Manager at the gym I was working at and helped develop/certify other trainers. During this growth period, I found the love of my life and married her on February 10th 2019.

Again, tragedy struck as my mother OD’d and passed in April of 2019 and my best friend shortly passed a few months later from an OD as well in July of 2019. Coincidentally, these two were in the car accident together as well when I was 16.

Over the last 7 years in Austin and through all the tribulations of my life, I’ve met great people that have impacted me. Helped me develop personally and professionally. Have had my back and I’ve had theirs. I’ve been fortunate to develop amazing bonds and friendships with extraordinary individuals.

In 2020 life changed for us all. The Virus changed many people’s lives and work situations. For me, I was blessed for it to help push me to start training on my own. This is when my wife and I started Sennergy Health Training. We wanted to impact people’s lives in fitness, nutrition, life choices, stress management, etc. Our goal is and always has been helping as many people as we possibly can.

We train clients in a 1 on 1 setting or group setting. We go over nutrition guidance, with sample meal plans, videos on how to do movements, meal prep, find your macros, stretching videos, etc. We are their anytime our clients need us and have digital resources for when we cannot be there. We wanted to take the stress out of people’s lives of the insecurity of working out, not knowing what to do, and build their confidence to accomplish their individual goals.

I then started working at Karhu Training Company part time as well, whose gym I had competed for in Crossfit attending Regionals in 2017 & 2018. The Karhu Coaches and Community aligned with my beliefs, views and pursuit to impacting as many people’s lives for the positive as we could. Sennergy and Karhu had one commonality, inclusivity and improving people’s lives for the better. And all of us coaches, have love and respect for each other that has established not only professionally, but in a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
I own Sennergy Health Training with my Wife Kaylyn Harris. I work part time at Karhu Training Company.

Nationally Certified Trainer

Specialized in Kettlebells, TRX, Core Strengthening, Crossfit Gymnastics,

Nationally programmed for 3,000 members and 52 locations at one time.
Top Ranked Austin Trainer

Over 10k 1 on 1 training hours and 3k group hours.

I’m most proud of all the work I put in every day to continue my development as a Coach. I am multi-dimensional in my training methods working with professional athletes, ACL/ Spine / Injury clients, Elderly, every day people etc. I don’t like being put into a “box” when it comes to my professional life.

I take pride in being able to utilize my skills in all levels of fitness.

What’s next?
My plans are to buy a house and kids with my amazing wife.

I want to develop my business and professional life into being one of the top trainers not only in Austin, but Texas and then hopefully even further.

I really just look forward to the many people’s lives I can impact. I hope I can make some big positive changes for anyone I encounter


  • $75 per one on one session
  • $265 for Karhu Training Membership

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