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Rising Stars: Meet Elizabeth McCartney

Today we’d like to introduce you to Elizabeth McCartney.

Hi Elizabeth, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
My story and path is as unique as any, for we are each created as an individual energy, with an integral, unique consciousness and eternal purpose, mine is as an energetic healer. My individual capabilities to channel Source directly allows me the honor of being the vessel in which to bring empowerment and alter the path, being and life of others in a way that is unlike any, as it is brought forth through my own individual capabilities.

I was guided to bring forward my natural abilities to others and create my endeavor, The Soul Synergy, from which to reach the larger community throughout the country and world. I was given the great privilege of working with a diversity of souls guided to me one by one, for their individual healing, from this beautiful state in the centers of Houston, Dallas and Austin, where I do the majority of my work with others. I now extend outward to reach souls throughout our country and the world, as energetic connection of the soul has no limits and technology has allowed a more diversified approach to embracing all.

Each soul guided to me comes to me in relation to the path I have experienced in life. They whose bodies were tormented in sexual and physical abuse. They whose voices were silenced and oppressed through verbal abuse and emotional neglect. They who seek to rise out of the shadows of the insidious, secretive nature and lineage of familial abuse and addiction. Those who demand an alteration to the hypocrisy of religious and societal oppression. They who seek their own true self through the connection of themselves to their higher being and eternal purpose so that they walk the path of life in full consciousness and enlightenment.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
The path to this precipiece has not been one of necessary ease but of guided necessity to me, for I have struggled and overcome much to stand as the woman, I am today.

The path is one that is created for and with us each by Source, our own being and our Divine elders, mentors and guides to not only fulfill our own individual need in consciousness to enter humanity but to fulfill the eternal purpose which is within us each.

My eternal purpose is to heal humankind through the evolution of higher consciousness., coming into human form life afterlife as a teacher, healer and mentor. In this life path, as with many paths, hindrances arose through the influence of others in my life who were not of capability past their own inherent limitations, for my own parents suffered from abuses and addictions within themselves that were never given acknowledgment, nevertheless healing and were passed to me as consequences that each day I rose to overcome.

As a child of sexual, and emotional abuse and neglect, as a woman who evolved out of the oppression of an emotionally and verbally abusive marriage, I was guided, empowered and brought out from the darkness of abuse and from the poverty of my own lack of identity, by Source and my guides, and it was they who teach me each day to not fear my voice or abilities but to raise my voice and presence loudly.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
As an energetic healer with a natural, organic channel to the Source, which is the energy and consciousness of all universal existence, it is my life’s purpose and calling to offer all placed within my path the healing, wisdom and guidance of Source so that each of us may live in a true state of physical, emotional and energetic well being.

I was guided to create my own unique modality of healing. Utilizing my own individual capabilities to channel, and using no tools of divination, followings of ritual, nor allowing the conscious teachings of any other than Source to be received by me.

I channel directly to Source, then from Source, into the individual’s moment of creation, enabling deep accessibility into the soul’s entire lineage within both light, our true Divine form and life, the from we take within the human vessel.

From the point of connection, I access the lineage of the individual, accessing a channel to their past, present and future energetic and physical existence. I heal the connection within the energetic body, which is the wellspring of the physical, emotional and mental body, and move past the conscious mind into the depths of the unconscious and subconscious mind’s energies to reveal the root causes of patterns exhibited within the mental, emotional and energetic being that require depth of examination, release and healing.

Through the channeled, conscious teachings of Source, I release the misconceptions and blatant falsehoods taught within human consciousness that restrains us from embracing what is designed to be our true existence. For throughout the course of human life, we are drawn ever further away from our higher consciousness, higher being and higher self through the systemic oppression of energies that are intertwined within the constructs of societal, religious, and familial bonds.

I endeavor to free human society and those within it of oppression, prejudice, racial, gender and sexual inequality to bring all guided to me into a true state of grace and healing.

What matters most to you? Why?
I have been guided to offer the healing, wisdom & teachings of Source to all in a way that allows each to embrace this not as an idle luxury but rather a part of the natural course of life.

As we each bear breath in which to live, we should each embrace healing in which to live well. This is my life’s purpose and is the driving force within me that wakes each day to be in service of others.

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