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Life & Work with Zemira Israel

Today we’d like to introduce you to Zemira Israel.

Hi Zemira, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.
Shalom. My name is Zemira Israel. It is a Hebrew name meaning God’s Song or Song of God… among other meanings. I am very grateful for this interview with VoyageAustin Magazine! THANK YOU ALL! I am an artist; singer-songwriter, producer-engineer, entrepreneur, advocate and encourager of the children of Israel, and above all, a servant of the God of Israel alongside my adoring lord (husband), Bezaleel Israel.

I was born in Petion-Ville, Haiti, where my parents are from. When I was one year old, my parents made a huge decision for my life: that I should live in America with my dad who pursued career opportunities in America. I’m grateful for their foresight and decision.

So I came to America with my awesome dad for a better chance of living and prospering, while my mom stayed in Haiti.

I was raised in many parts of America. I grew up as a child under the tutelage of my loving and nurturing grandmother (may she rest in perfect peace) and my grandfather’s home in the state of Maryland.

I grew up as an adolescent into my adult years in the cities of Irvington, Montclair, East Orange, and Newark in the state of New Jersey.

In the year 2015, I was awakened by the Most High God and so I engulfed myself in the knowledge of my Israelite culture and moved to the Bronx, New York, where I met my lord, Bezaleel Israel. We moved together to Austin, Texas in April 2015; the year we got married. My lord and I have been in the state of Texas since.

We moved around to San Antonio, TX and now we live in Converse, Texas. Our awesome handsome and smart son, Zechariah, loves it here too!

The good book says “A man that hath traveled knoweth many things…” So, I’m humbled to have experienced that passage to be true from my youth up. I am still learning so much in life and always will, but one takeaway from my travels is that family comes first after the love of the Most High God in Christ and connection with other like-minded brothers and sisters is vital. Living in Texas has helped me to do just that and some. It’s my best state thus far to live in. It has provided me with fresh air, lots of much needed vitamin D, and clear thinking.

I’ve been writing, singing and playing music since the tender age of 10 years old, so it’s been approximately two decades now since then. I remember singing solos in the choir at an A Capella based church I used to go to with my old friend, Mariel, who in few years to come during high school, was one of the members of a trio RnB singing group we both were a part of called “Bliss”. Those were great times, us 3! We would get paid to travel and perform, thanks to our admiring high school music teacher James Gay. And we would all 3 have solos during our choir recitals. He even got us to do the school alma mater song every morning over the school’s intercom speakers until my piano teacher Mr. Malysko recorded us in the school studio so that our recorded voice would just play every morning instead of us singing it live every morning.

I tried once, in college, to let music go entirely, but even then I was continuously called to feature on fellow Independent artists’ music and even sing the national anthem at my college. I realized quickly after trying to quit that music was just in my DNA. Without music, I would feel numb and purposeless.

I attribute most of my first memories of music to my dad. My dad put out an EP in both English and the Creole Haitian language some years back for his family and friends and he sings for people to this day. I too have a song all in Creole as it is my 1st 2nd language.

I watched my dad sing to his wife and sing at events all the time since I was a youngster. I loved going through his massive collection of records! Motown music was my all time favorite.

My dad came to just about every one of my events where I had a solo or a performance at school or a performance with my old trio girl group “Bliss” in high school. He took me to piano lessons and all. My dad was my first encouraging fan. I thank him for showing me what it’s like to love music and be a great support. I appreciate all his efforts to further the gifts he saw innate in me. I know he did everything he could to keep me happy and so I thank him for it all.

Look at me now dad, I’m a Billboard & iTunes Charting Artist, and now on VoyageAustin Magazine with ways to go!

My lord Bezaleel Israel and I make music to encourage, uplift, motivate & inspire you to live righteously daily and be your best self unto the Most High God of Israel, with joy & unwavering confidence!

My lord Bezaleel produces the videography, graphics and video media designs, creates the instrumental music & mix and master engineers it. I write, vocal produce, engineer, and market and promote. We are the perfect team and we get to sleep in the same bed together every single night too. It’s a blessing from the Highest!

Our sound is unique, eclectic and soulful. We would classify our music genre as Israelite Truth Music with a concentration on PBR&B Soul & Hip Hop.

Our music is a fusion of Contemporary R&B, Afrobeat, Classic RnB and Neo Soul with a touch of Dub-Step and Jazz. These all influence our musical works. We love music as a whole.

I wouldn’t have half the success I have now without my lord Bezaleel by my side. He encourages me to keep going and to be excellent in all that I do and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and husband to have in my life to love and to share.

We are grateful for our adoring #Ztribe fam base who keep us going and make it easy to do what we love to do by cheering us on, praising the Most High with us and monetarily keeping our small music & lifestyle business brand afloat. We love them and we thank them.

One of the executive producers, other than my lord Bezaleel Israel, of my double disc sophomore album, “True Love Changes” is Grammy nominated artist & songwriter David “Pic” Conley of the old school trio male group “Surface”.

One of the album’s mix engineers is Gene Lake. Gene Lake is the former drummer for Grammy awarded artist: Maxwell.

I’ve also had the pleasure of having two great Vocal Coaches! One being Craig Derry who worked with Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys and the list goes on. I have one of my sessions with him on my YouTube channel, singing Stevie Wonder’s “Living For The City”. Stevie’s my favorite! My latest vocal coach is Dr. Callie Day who is renowned for her beautiful vocals from her viral video of her singing and her performance as a contestant on the show “America’s Got Talent”.

My lord and I have been truly blessed to be connected to all the souls named above and we thank The Highest for all the connections made, including this VoyageAustin Magazine.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
I am a so-called “Black” woman in America, no matter what island I may come from. My lord is a so-called “Puerto Rican” man in America, no matter which island his people descend from. Trials may as well be our middle name and it seems America loves to see it from the time our ancestors were forcefully brought to this land.

I am a woman who is no stranger to prayer, generational trauma, trials and tribulations, but I know the God that I serve has plans to make it alright one day. I know my lord and I are a small part of the Most High’s eternal playwright. We are honored as His humble servants to take action while we wait for His son’s 2nd coming. We are honored to shine a bright light in His name and for His people to see, hear, and rise up in the confidence of who they are in Him. My people are gifted and heritage-filled people full of duty and purpose. My people have a Heavenly Father who reigns and has great plans for our life; plans of peace and not evil, plans of an expected end. My lord Bezaleel and I know of this hopeful future ahead, and our music vibrates and speaks of this encouragement, exhortation and future to come for our people. We’re honored to share the good news and we are privy to the promise, by Christ, of trials, tribulation and adversities that come with sharing the truths of the bible. Like my forefather Job in the holy scriptures, though we suffer, we still honor and praise the Living God of Israel.

I was a college drop out, figuring out life, 23 years old in October 2011, and after much prayer on my knees; face and tears to the floor, I was led to certain Israelite teachers via Youtube expounding on the rich Israelite heritage and laws, and how the Blacks, Hispanics, Native Indians, children of the slave trade and children of the diaspora are indeed the Israelites the bible speaks of evident through scriptural and historical records. These various teachers helped me understand fully of my purpose and duty to God and HIS people. I’ve been standing with the GOD of justice ever since, sharing His good news and encouraging my people to take heed to His instructions via His holy word.

In 2014 after engulfing myself in my Israelite heritage and customs, I released my 1st debut album, entitled “Legendary People” as a repenting Israelite, no longer as the name given to my dad’s lineage by our oppressors, but choosing a name that reflects my devotion to the God of Israel. This debut album encourages and reminds my people; the Blacks, Hispanics, Native Indians, children of the slave trade and children of the scattered and diaspora, of who they truly are in the eyes of the God of Israel and that they are beseeched to take action upon that truth. My lord-husband is one of the great music producers I collaborated with on this album and the rest of my catalogue for that matter. We are a packaged deal ordained together by the Most High God to do a great work in His name.

The most difficult challenge by far has to be sharing the good news and message that my people are the Israelites spoken and prophesied about via the holy scriptures. My lord Bezaleel and I understand that not everyone will want to understand the bible’s truth. The Most High is a Waymaker and as long as we speak His words, he will continue to open doors in order for us to continue sharing His message to those who have an ear to hear. This is why I am so proud to be a small part of communities of those who inspire and push others to be great like the Voyage Magazine seeks to do. I am thankful & honored for this opportunity, and I give all praises and glory to the Most High in Christ for it!

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
I am one half of an Israelite music duo and team with my lord Bezaleel being the other half. My lord Bezaleel is an amazing and loving Israelite husband and he is a good man. He is always willing to learn. He is also an excellent music producer/engineer, graphic designer, and videographer. He has encouraged and pushed me to be a better human and a better artist that I am ever becoming today. I am madly in love with him. He’s the selflessness and full of charity kind of human that our Creator looks for in His creation. I am so grateful to be his wife and partner in life. He is an amazing human and I’m happy Bezaleel chose me to be his wife. Our music has opened doors for us to organize charity benefits with our community, encourage movements that speak to us and our people, inspire marriages and those looking to marry, and more. Music allowed for us to acquire travel opportunities together and meet more like-minded souls that we can be ministered by and minister to. We are the spiritual and physical change we hope and encourage in others through our words, deeds & transparent lifestyle that it can be intently done.

Our music is a catalyst in love to encourage self-realization and self-discipline. We exercise the biblical rights as an entrepreneur to monetize our music. The music business is not something anyone wisely says they want to get into because of the money, it’s always something we get into because of the innate love we have for the gift of music from above. With that comes its own set of trials, whether it being emotional, physical and/or financial. The music business as Independent artists is not for the faint of heart. My lord and I have learned some lessons through it all and one being to never give up and never forget your ‘why’. Our ‘why’ expressed in this article is what keeps us going. Despite what or who may think that we are undeserving or ill-equipped to reach the masses of our people, we still persevere. Music is in our DNA, we dare not fight against ourselves and the Gift-Giver.

We speak to the conversation of God’s people and what He requires of us to take action on, free of hopelessness, discouragement, despair, and unproductivity due to a lack of self-esteem from the youth up of not knowing the promises and truths of the Bible concerning our souls.

We intend to keep a flame burning for the conversations that will lead our people to transformation of self and transferable action that the whole world may be inspired by. We believe with our whole heart that our people are capable of this change because our ancestors according to the Holy Bible used to live this lifestyle unto God before our historical captivities due to the disobedience to God.

We set ourselves apart by keeping God’s laws in the faith of Christ and being advocates to encourage our people to do the same. We are proud to be a beacon of light to our nation of people and to those of other nations. I’m honored and so very proud to say that I represent the women of Israel and the people of Israel as a whole to the best of my abilities through both my present life as a sister, wife, mother and musical artist. My lord represents the men of Israel as a brother, husband, father and artist. We vow to continue to create a safe space to encourage our people to come back and transform into their true selves through Christ; Israel’s Messiah.

Israelite music is not recognized yet in mainstream music as a bible-based genre for repenting followers of God and Christ’s laws, to listen courageously, confidently, and unashamedly. Our music practically provides knowledge and understanding of the instructions of God through music. We aim to be righteous, true, and most driven Music Artist alternatives to bible-based music that will inspire and reach the masses of the world of Israel’s hearts and souls, that they be encouraged to transform unashamedly, in Christ, into the very best version of themselves.

Me and my lord’s two albums “Legendary People” and “True Love Changes” and singles we have released, including a rendition of Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”, are all musical emblems to where our heart is and want to stay. Pulling from mostly my own experiences and the experiences of others, I write lyrics and melody to encourage my people to be the best versions of themselves as they possibly can. I’m humbled and amazed at what the Heavenly Father has allowed my lord and I to do, say and create to inspire the people. I give thanks to the Most High that He has given me a voice and my lord melodies to impart strength and kindness that run discouragement away from the hearts of God’s people. We will continue our efforts courageously through song and deed.

The music my lord and I create together is available for patronage at Please feel free to visit and subscribe to the mailing list for updates and patronage opportunities. You will also find merch and links to stream our music freely on Youtube or on your favorite digital music platform. My favorite is Spotify because I get to create cool playlists that deal with topics our people care about.

Are there any books, apps, podcasts or blogs that help you do your best?
For anyone starting out in not just the music business as an independent artist, but anything in life, just never give up, especially if you’ve made up your mind that this is what you want to do. More specifically, the music business preys on the ignorant, so know your stuff in and out. Find someone who can guide you along the way and impart knowledge according to your niche. The present may seem bleak, but the future is full of possibilities for greatness, you just have to keep at it. Remember your ‘why’ and do everything based on your ‘why’. Wear out the doorsteps/email/DM of someone who knows their stuff. Anyone who knows anything loves to share their knowledge, so ask away. You may have to pay some of them but you’ll know if it’s worth it or not by the value they’ve already given you. Always pray without ceasing to the One true God. “The prayer of the righteous availeth much.”

Concerning tips on the technical side: I find that I use these frequently
Final Cut Pro (or Premiere) for video editing,
Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom for photo editing,
InShot (on my phone) for quick videos/picture/meme editing.

I bought a cool standing selfie stick on Amazon as well to do my vlogs and such.

My lord and I use Studio One to record, mix and master in our home studio. He also uses Logic and his iPad for creating our instrumentals.

A nice voice memo/note on your phone is great for on the go creativity & recording lyrics on the fly.

One of the singer-songwriters I follow is Tami Latrell for music business tips. She’s awesome!

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Professional photos by Bezaleel Israel

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  1. Hadassah J Israel

    January 8, 2022 at 12:18 am

    A phenomenal and amazing woman and sister in Christ! I’m so grateful that I have grown to know her and spend much time with her personally. This story of her journey is truly inspirational. Thank you for allowing it to be shared!

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